karishna Avatar

Lord Krishna was the eighth Avatar of Vishnu . Lord Vishnu came in Krishna Avatar to protect Dharma and to spread peace and love on earth. The name Krishna was given to him because of his color (in sanskrit krsna means the color of night i.e is Dark). Krishna is portrayed as an attractive young boy with bright eyes and divine glow on his ‘dark or blue’ skin playing a flute.

Krishna was the son of Devaki and Vaasudeva. Deavki was the sister of Kansa and daugher of King Uggarsen of Mathura. King Kansa was a cruel King he was known for his brutishness. he arranged the  marriage of his sister Devaki with one of his deserving friend Vaasudev.  After their marriage when King kansa was about to bid farewell to Devaki , Vaasudeva , he decided to ride the marriage chariot till Vaasudeva’s home, while he  war ridding their marriage chariot he heard the  AakashVani
( voice coming from Sky i.e heavens) that he will be killed by Devaki’s eighth Son. Hearing this the evil Kansa stepped  into the marriage chariot and tried to kill Devaki with his sward but Vaasudeva stops him. Vaasudeva convinced him saying that they will submit their eighth child and he can do anything to him. Kansa imprisoned Dewaki and Vaasudeva , he even imprisoned his father Uggersen.

Kamsa imprisoned the couple and he killed each and every child of Devaki and Vaasudev the day it was born by lumping it on the stone. Turn by turn , year by year six sons was killed mercilessly by Kansa. Now Devaki was pregnant with the seventh child.

Krishna asking mahamaya to transfer Balrama in Rohini’s womb

Lord Vishnu called upon Goddess Mahamaya and asked her to transfer the seventh child in Devaki’s womb to Rohini’s womb. Rohini was the first wife of Vaasudeva. Mahamaya did so, she transferd the seventh child of Vaasudeva in Rohini’s womb who resides in Gokul with Yasodha and Nanda Raj , Nand Raj was the brother in Law of Vaasudeva. This seventh Child was Balraam who was very brave and Robust. After an year Devaki was having her eight child in her womb. She gave birth to Krishna on mid night of Ashtami (a day according to hindu calender, this day is now celebrated as Janamashtami) it was raining heavily. The prison Guards were sleeping , Devaki and Vaasudeva prayed to God to to have mercy on their child and to protect him from evil Kansa, by that time the chains of Vaasudeva broke and the prisons doors opened itself . the Guards were sleeping as if the were dead. Devaki hugged  the child closed to her heart and gave it to Vaasudeva. Vaasudeva took the child and rushed towards Gokul. Vaasudeva reached River Yamuna he saw baskets on the river bank, he placed the child in one of  the basket and lifted it over his head. The water of Yamuna was flowing wildly, Vaasudeva stepped in the river to cross it . the water level  rose higher till Vaasudeva’s nose, it seems as if Yamuna was eager to touch Lord Krishna. Krishna touched the river with his foot and instantly the water level started falling.

Vaasudeva carrying Krishna on his head and crossing river Yamuna

The rain showed no sign of stopping, suddenly Vaasudeva saw a very large snake Sheshnaag ( snake with 5 heads) coming towards him , he was scared of the huge Snake . The Sheshnaag came closer to Vaasudeva and he spoke to him in human voice “Vaasudeva don’t be afraid , i have come to protect the Lord Krishna from rain so that you may safely reach Gokul”. Sheshnaag spread his hood over Vaasudeva and he followed him till the shore. Vaasudeva reached Nandraja’s house ,his wife yashoda just gave birth to a baby girl. Devaki and NandRaja were shoked but at the same time the were happy to see Vaasudeva who returned after many years. Vaasudeva told the whole story to them Yashoda’s heart was filled with grief at Dewaki’s misfortune. She told Vaasudeva to give her his son and so that Kansa may not get suspicious he can take her daughter with him. Vaasudeva was so pleased with their Favor that he borke out with tears in his eyes. Yashoda placed her daughter in the basket and Vaasudeva took her to Mathura. Vaasudeva reached the prison and the chains itself bound around him  and the prisons doors also closed itself. The baby girl started crying and her cry woke the guards they informed Kansa. Kansa came and snatched the baby girl from Devaki and he was about to through her then the girl ,she vanished from her hands towards the sky. The girl turned into a goddess and warned Kansa that his slayer is being raised in Gokul, out of his reach and his death will soon come and embrace him.

Yashoda and Rohini bathing Krishna and Balraama standing near Rohini. Krishna looking at Balraam

Krishna was safe with Yashoda in Gokul. Next day at Nangaraja’s house a Guru ji named the small boy “KRISHNA”. Krishna was brought up by Yashoda and Rohini. Krishna was a very lively child , every one loved him. Yashoda raised Krishna as her own child . Rohini also showered her motherly care on Krishna just like Balraama. NandRaja was also pleased to have Krishna as his son.

Story how Krishna killed Putana:

Kansa was restless, his head was spinning and he felt as if thousands of children are laughing out of the pillars of his Palace. He called for Putna, a terrible demonness who can change her Roops ( Roops are forms). Kansa ordered Putana to go to Gokul and kill the infants. Putana took the form of a a woman and went to Gokul and one by one she started killing the new born babies. Putana filled her breasts with poison and went on feeding the infants, when she reached the Nandraja’s place she saw Krishna and took him for feeding. Bal Krishna sucked her life out of her fake body and she came into her true form and then she died of pain. Yashoda and other ladies heard the loud cry of Putana ,they ran in the direction. They saw Krishna lying over the body of huge terrible demoness Putana, Yashoda embraced Krishna and thanked god for saving Krishna from Putana. The news of Putana reached Kansa now he became sure of the fact that Krishna was not an ordinary child. Kansa started making up new plans to kill Krishna, On the other side Krishna was enjoying his childhood in Gokul with Balraama and his other friends .

Krishna showing universe in his mouth:

Yashoda and Krishna

One day, Krishsna and Balarama were playing with Their friends, all the boys joined Balarama and told mother Yashoda that Krishna had eaten clay. Yashoda asked Krishna to open his mouth so that she may check it out. When krishna opened his mouth Yashoda could see the entire Universe in his mouth. Yashoda became struck with awe and began to wonder that this is the same mouth she feeded with her breast. While mother Yasoda was thinking  about this wonder in a philosophical way. Lord krishna told that this was her imagination were out of her motherly affection , a mother feels that her entire world is her child. Immediately mother Yashoda forgot all philosophical speculation and accepted Krishna as her own child. She took Him on her lap and became overwhelmed with maternal affection.

Krishna and his friends :

krishna with his friend

Krishna was very found of eating Maakhan ( fresh butter), he was so crazy for it that at times he could even steel Maakhan with his friends . Krishna always have sharing habit with his friends. he even teased Gopies with affection, Raas lila’s with Gopies.

stealing Maakhan

He was so mischievous that at times Yashoda also punished him, but he always convinced her to forgive . He was a ver beautiful features that nobody could deny him to fulfill his wishes . He became the new heart of Gokul.

Krishna with his friends use to steel Maakhan from pots hanging in every kitchen of Gokul. Yashoda often hear complains of krishna steeling Maakhan from other Gopies. but mischivious kirishna could never stop himself when it comes to Makhan.

Krishna overpowers Kaaliya the venomous snake :

Krishna dancing on Kaliya

Gokul, Vrindavan and may other villages were dependent on Yamuna for water. The water of Yamuna was turning black , because of the poison of snake Kaliya. Kaliya was a snake with thousands of hoods, Kaliya has started living in Yamuna with his wives. Because of kaliya the water of Yamuna was turning poisonous. Cattles and even men who drank the Yamuna water died . One day Krishna and his friends were playing at the bank of river Yamuna with a boll. Krishna threw the boll towards his friend Pendiya, but Pendiya could not catch it and the ball fell into the Yamuna. Pendiya was almost in tears and he said that, Krishna threw the boll and he must fetch it from Yamuna. This was exactly what krishna wanted , he jumped into Yamuna to bring the boll. Krisna started swimming towards the cave in which Kaliya was resting with his wives. krishna saw kaliya and he attacked over kaliya with his feet, he jumped over Kaliya’s hood. the waters of Yamunana became blaker and more poisonous because of kaliya’s hissing . Krishna twisted Kaliya’s tail and he was dancing on his hoods, mean while whole gokul gathered on the river bank. Yashoda was crying for Krishna, everyone was praying for Krishna. Krishna was punishing Kaliya .Kaliya was helpless, he started to bleed . Villagers saw the blood raising in the river, they were  scared for Krishna , every one broke into tears. After a while they saw Krishna raising out of Yamuna standing on Kaliya’s hood with his tail in one hand. Wives of kaliya also emerged out of Waters, they prayed,  Lord Krishna to have mercy on Kaliya, Kaliya also begged for forgiveness. Krishna commanded kaliya to go aways from Yamuna and should never return. Kaliya returned to netherworld with his wives. Every body praised Krishna.

krishna and Balraama


Krishna lifting up Goverdhan parvat:

Krishna lifting Goverdhan Parvat

The lord Indra is the king of haven, he is the god of rains.People of Braj (Brindavan people who use to farm and raise cattle) used to worship Indra and offer him fruits and flowers as gifts. Krishna asked them to worship Goverdhan Parvat (the mountain) as he is the one who plays important role in bringing the rain. people followed Krishna and worshiped Goverdhana. Lord indra took it as a disgrace that people are offering gifts to Goverdhana for rains and not to  him. The enraged Indra called for the king of clouds and ordered him to rain over Braj till the entire land along with Goverdhan parvat is Swept over. An Army of clouds poured heavy rain over Braj as if they were about to end the world. Krishna told that Goverdhan will protect them , Krishna lifted the Mount Goverdhana on his little finger and every Brajwasi (people) tool the shelter of Goverdhana. Not even a single drop was able to fell on Braj because of  Goverdhana . It rainned heavily for seven days at last lord Indra gave up and he relaised that Krishna is none other than lord Vishnu, he asked for forgiveness.

Krishna Killed Kansa:

Kansa’s every attempt to kill Krishna had failed. Krishna hand Balraam had destroyed the force of his mighty worriers. his thoughts were ceased. Kansa planned to organize Dhanoriya yugana and invite Krishna as well as Balraama , so that he could challenge them . Kansa immediately send his cousin, Akrura to Gokul for Krishna and Balraama. Every one in Gokul did not want krishna to go. Krishna convinced them to let him go , he said that he has to fulfill the purpose  of his Life. Akrura drove the Chariot of Krishna and Balraama towards Mathura. After entering Mathura the chariot suddenly stopped because an old blind lady was standing in the way Chariot, she brought Sandalwood(Chandan) for the royality. her body was deformed , she was a cursed lady because of her past life deeds, She was Manthra in her past Birth. She applied Chandan on Krishna and attained salvation.

Kansa heard the news of Krishna’s and Balraam’s arrival. He asked his minister to unchain the mad elephant Kuvalayapidain in  krishna’s way. The elephant Kuvalayapida ran towards Krishna destroying everything coming in his way. Krishna cut off his trunk with his sword and the elephant died off pain.

Kansa went to stadium and sat on his throne ,he asked Akhrur to point towards Krishna and Balraama. The matches were not an ordinary wrestling matches it was do or die matches, Death was inevitable for the looser. Kansa challenged Krishna and Balrama to fight with Mushtika and Chanura , the invincible demon warriors. Balaram attacked Mushtika, using his mighty mace. Mushtika fell down with an enormous roar of pain in the first blow itself and Krishna clumped Chanura, they fought on and on with all their strengths but could not stant winsive against Krishna and Balraama. Kansa was shocked to see his best warriors in the clutches of Krishna and Balarama. Krishna then roared ” oh evil Uncle Kansa now its your turn to go to hell”. Every body in the stadium was so confident for Krishna that they stated to shout “kill kansa, kill the evil, end the Tyrant” . Kansa tried to escape arena but could not flee. Krishna caught hold of kansa and made him to count on his bad deeds, killing innocent children, imprisoning Dewaki and Vaasudeva, imprisoning his own father King Uggersen, doing all injustice to the people of Mathura, after making him half breath and pulling his hair. Krishna cut off Kansa’s head with Sudarshan Chakkar. the havens showered flowers on Krishna.

Dewaki and Vaasudeva meeting their sons

Krishna and Balraama rushed to palace dungeons and they ordered to unchain their parents and grandfather.

Krishna and Balraama  meet their parents  with tears in their eyes. At last by god’s grace Devaki and Vaasudeva embraced  their long lost children.

The peace once again was brought back to streets of Mathura.

Every body Praised Lord Krishna for putting an end to their grief. and setting them free from injustice of Kansa.

Jai Shree Krishna !! “

Haati ghoda paalki jai khaniya laal ki

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