The Mythological Story Behind It

Ravana the King of Lanka Kidnapped Sita , the wife of Sri Ram as a Revenge for his Sister Sooparnakha , who wants to marry Sri Ram, and her nose was cut by Lakshmana to teach her a lesson.

Sri Ram and Lakshman along with army of Sughreeva and hanuman came to rescue her. on their way to lanka  there was  the vast ocean . Sri Ram ordered the Ocean to clear their way but the ocean showed no sign . Sri Ram pulled his bow for drying the Ocean , as to teach the arrogant ocean a lesson. The Ocean prayed to Sri Ram to under stand that he was bound to stay at his position and  suggested him must pray to Lord Shiva for a solution. Raam has already set the arrow in the bow , he asked the Ocean where else could he shoot the arrow if not at him , Ocean suggested a useless barren dweep ( small island) which lies on the way to Lanka. Raam shoot the arrow at it, its now called as Dhanushkodi, and made it fertile.

Sri Ram made a Shivlinga of mud and sand with his own hands. Lord Shiva Gave Darshana(vision)  to Sri Ram and suggested him to built Raam Setu. This Shivaling build by Sri Ram is know worshiped as RAAMESHWARAM which means lord (Eshwar) of Ram. Metaphorically Raam is also the lord of Hanumana , the incarnation of Shiv itself.

                   Nal and Neel, were  the two monkeys in the army of Sri Raam. They were very notorious in their childhood, they use to tease Sages and mostly through their belongings in the river. so a fed up  Rishie (Sage) gave them the curse  that what ever they through in the river it will never sink.

                       Lord Shiva told Sri Raam the way to construct the bridge , it was that the stones with the name RAAM written on it should be thrown by Nal and Neel in the Ocean. Its even said that “Raam se Bada Raam ka Naam”, the name of Raam is more powerful then Raam himself.

painting at Philadelphia Museum of Art , Mokeys making Raam Setu


Another mythological Story related to Raam Setu

Raam Setu is also called ADAM’S BRIDGE. according to Bible Adam has crossed the ocean from India to Sri Lanka via this Adam’s bridge . till a Hill called the ADAM’S HILL . Where he prayed for hundreds of years, standing on a one foot , there is a mark of Foot on this hill , which is named after him, THE ADAM’S FOOT.


Geological position

Raam Setu or the Adam’s bridge stretches about 8 miles (30 km) along the Golf of Mannar.

The stones of Raam Setu are floating stones. It stretches from Rameshwaram in India till Mannar in Sri Lanka.