About the Temple

The temple of Rats is the temple of Goddess Karni at Deshnoge which is about 30 km from Bikaner City of Rajasthan state in India.

Maharaj Ganga singh ji

Maharaj Ganga Singh(1880-1943) of Bikaner has completed the temple construction.  The temple has Silver Gates and a big Corridor of  black and white tiles.Its made in Mugal style and the wall portraits are of silver and the silver doors are also beautifully  en-carved with the images of Rats.

There are thousands of rats in the Temple and only one White Rat after thousand rats ,its even said that seeing him is a sign of Good Luck People Offer Milk and Pashad (feed) to the Rats. Its a miracle that there is no sign of any Disease like Plague in Deshnoge , People have Milk and Sweets (ladoo) from the same plate in which the Rats Eat.

Desnoge temple

If you kill a Rat in the Temple you will have to offer A Golden Rat to the temple, in order to get rid of the sin of killing the rat.

People recite stories to the Rats , offer Ladoos (sweets), Sindoor (Kumkum) and milk to the deity.

Rats in the Temple

About the Diety

karni mata

               Goddess Karni is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is the Kul Devi ( Goddess of entire cate) of the Royal family of Bikaner and Jodhpur.

Goddess Karni was born in Swaup village near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. She dedicated her life to Dharma and lived an ascetic life. She was looked upon as  a Guru during her life. People use to come to her for solutions of their life. She had a soft and Golden Heart .

The Story Behind Rats of the Temple

Once a community of Story Tellers came to Goddess Karni with a prayer to restore the life of a son, Goddess was pleased. She asked Yama to restore life of  son of a story teller , but yama was bound to his Dharma. Goddess Karni took a mid way between both the story tellers and Yama  , she  incarnated the dead son and all of the story tellers as a rat, under her protection.  All these Rats live in the temple of  Deshnoge  and the Devotees offer them the food.

The Myth Behind White Rats

The Poojaries of the Deshnoge temple Says that there are five White Rats in the temple and they believe them to be Goddess Karni herself and her four Sons. Having a vision of them is a Good Luck sign. Ever Visitor wants to have a sight of them.

the holy white Rat of temple

white rat at the temple of Desnoge