In Hindu Mythology amongst all devtas Lord Ganesha is having supreme place . According to hindus  No auspicious work is completed unless it starts with the name of Sri Ganesha. Ganeha is an elephant head God …

Here is a story to tell you How Ganesha got Elephant’s Head…

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati lived on Mount Kailasha. Nandi and Other Gans (servants of Shiva) served them whole heartedly One day, when Lord Shiva was not present on Mount Kailasha and Goddess Parvati was preparing for bath , she thought to appoint  Nandi as a guard on the gate of the palace. She ordered  Nandi to guard the gate and do not let anybody enter the gate. After that she left for  bath , As soon as she left Lord Shiva came to kailasha and was coming towards the palace . Nandi at a moment thought that , Lord Shiva is husband of Goddess Parvati and his Master as well ,if he stops him he will get angry and if won’t stop him then Goddess will get angry . Before before he could  say anything to his master, Lord Shiva entered the palace . Nandi was helpless , he diapered from the gate. When Goddess Parvati saw Lord Shiva entering the gates , she got furious at once she decided to create  a boy who will only obey her, as no Gan on Kailasha can disobey their master Shiva.

Next day Goddess Parvati  gathered the sandal paste from her body and created a statue of a boy. She gave life to the statue and Named him Ganesha . Parvati admired her creation and she hugged the boy with motherly feelings. She told the boy that you are my son Ganesha and you will obey only me, now you go and guard the gate till i finish my bath. She gave him a bolt and asked him to stand at the gate. While Ganesha was guarding the gate , Lord Shiva came there. Ganesha stopped Shiva to enter the premises . Shiva told that he is the owner of Kailasha and no one can stop him to enter his own place and asked Ganesha to leave his way. Ganesha refused him saying that he is obeying his mother and he won’t let anyone enter. Lord Shiva thought being the owner and a God its not just to punish a small boy , he thought of sending his Ganas to the boy to make him understand. Shiva sent Nandi and Bhirgi to remove the boy from the gates of palace. even they were not able to remove him from the gate by any means, they returned to Lord Shiva and told him that the boy has got supreme powers. Lord Shiva called all his Ganas and asked them to bring the boy to him so that he can punish the boy for his bad conduct. Ganesha was thrashing all the Ganas single handedly. A maid of Parvati narrated her the incident and She came to see whats happening outside. Seeing this Parvati was very much pleased with the boy and she gave all her powers to Ganesha. All the Gods from the heavens  were very much amused with the powers of an unknown boy who defeated all the Ganas of Shiva at his palace , they went to shiva to inquire of the boy . As the reached shiva, all the Ganas also reached him as well and they  narrated the whole incident , Gods also supported their truth. Lord Shiva told about his incident and Nadni-bhirgi’s incident. Lord Shiva ordered Indra to take his army and bring the boy to him . Lord Bramha asked Shiva to at him try first peacefuly and if he won’t succeed then he can do what ever he wants. Lord Brhma took the form of a sage and told the boy that he came from Shiva’s side , the boy misbehaved with him also. so Indra was sent with his army to the boy. Goddess Parvati send Goddess Durga and Goddess Kali to protect his son, the whole army of Indra was defeated not knowing of the fact that Goddess durga and Kali were supporting the boy. Indra fled from the battlefield to Shiva and told him that the boy is extraordinary and he defeated his entire army. Lord Shiva himself together with Lord Vishnu Went to the battlefield , lord Shiva warned the boy either to apologize or to face him. the boy refused thus a battle started between them  , the boy one side and lord Shiva and Vishnu one side , the boy was equally powerful , Vishnu told Shiva that they can defeat him only by mean of  Challa (trap) .

Vishnu engaged him in fight from one side and Shiva attacked him from the opposite side cutting his head with Trisul. As soon as Ganesha’s lifeless body dropped on the ground Goddess Parvati at once came to know how was her son defeated by means of Challa , She called for all her powers and orderd them to kill every one who was engaged in the act of killing her son. All the powers of Goddess attacked the battlefield and every devta and Guana was running here and there to save their lives even Bramha Vishnu and Shiva fled to a cave. The Trideva (Bramha Vishnu and Shiva ) were discussing how to pacify the goddess Parvati , who shall go and pacify her if any one of them go to goddess then she will kill them so they thought of sending  Narada to goddess.

Narada at once went to Parvati and asked her to forgive every dev and gana . Goddess told Narad that she will forgive all of them only on one condition i.e to bring her son back to life and also to give him an honorable status among all deities . Narada conveyed  the Message to Gods, they all agreed, Lord Shiva asked gods and Ganas to go to the north direction and fetch the head of which ever living being found first. Vishnu set his sudarshna chakra to cutt the head of the first being encountered  towards the north and it was an elephant , the head of elephant was attached to Ganesha’s body, Brahma sprinkled Amrit (nector) from his Kamandal on Ganesha’s body and trideva chant the mantra’s to bring back the life of Ganesha  in some time Ganesha restored his breath . Goddess Parvati blessed Ganesha to be worshiped before every lord and no auspicious work would be complete without your worship, as it all happens because of her orders . Lord Shiva also admitted that it all happens because of his arrogance so he blessed Ganesha to be worshiped as Vighneshwer, who removes the obstacles. also blessed Ganesha to be known as son of Shiva and Parvati both.