Sati was Daughter of Prajapati Daksha who was the son of Lord Brahma . She was married to Lord Shiva against the will of her Father Daksha, who was utter enemy of Shiva for cursing his father Brahma [click here to know the story]

Shiv and Sati

One day Sati insists Mahadev (lord Shiva) to come to Daksh’s yagya, however Mahadev refuses and wants Sati to do sadhana. Meanwhile, Daksh seeks Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi’s presence in making his yagya auspicious. On learning about Mahadev’s absence in the yagya and Daksh’s annoyance for him, Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi deny to join the yagya. Mahadev tries to enlighten Sati about the significance of contemplation in life. Finally, Sati decides to join Daksh’s yagya despite Mahadev’s opposition.

Sati is adamant to join Daksh’s mahayagya. Despite Mahadev and Nandi’s opposition, Sati proceeds to participate in the yagya. Meanwhile, Mahadev is worried about Sati and inauspicious happenings during the yagya. Prasuti expresses her grief on learning Mahadev and Sati’s absence in mahayagya. Lord Vishnu and Brahma request Mahadev to join Daksh’s yagya, but Mahadev refuses. While Sati tries to join the yagya, she is stopped. Daksh feels proud of organizing his ultimate yagya.

Rishi Dadhichi curses Daksh that he will not be able to complete his yagya as Daksh uses foul language for Lord Shiva. Sati orders Rishi Dadhichi not to leave the place of the yagya. Daksh asks Sati not to address him as father. Sati realizes that she made a mistake of coming to the yagya and decides to go back and apologise to Lord Shiva.

Daksh exceedingly humiliates Sati by cursing Mahadev. She yells at Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Lakshmi for not protesting against Daksh’s opinion. Later, Daksh gets infuriated by Sati’s opposition and curses her. Sati decides to renounce her life for the sake of Mahadev. She tries to burn herself in the fire, but Prasuti stops her. Mahadev is annoyed to observe Sati’s critical condition

Daksh’s mahayagya ceremony gets ruined due to his strong opposition for Mahadev. Sati is inconsolable after facing Daksh’s atrocities and vows to burn herself in the fire. Nandi is tormented on observing the coming catastrophe in Mahadev’s life and seeks his help to rescue Sati, but in vain. Sati prays Agni Devta to burn her body, however Agni Devta denies her. Finally, Sati gains miraculous power and sacrifices her life by burning herself.

Sati burning herself