Long long ago when there was no earth, no sun, nothing but only source of power from which arrived Vishnu and Brahma. When both Brahma and Vishnu came into senses they called themselves supreme . Now the question was who is supreme among them? they saw a pillar which was shiv ling . They approached the pillar and asked him the decide who is supreme amongst them. The pillar asked both of them to measure the end of it. both Brahma and Vishnu started to measure the length of the pillar but the pillar was endless years passed Vishnu decided to go back to the starting end . Brahma found a flower of Keyatki in the way and asked her to advocate for him, and he also reached the starting end with the flower. When both of them reached the starting point then the pillar asked both of them about the end of the pillar. Lord Brahma told that he found the end and the flower had seen him reaching the end , the flower also told that Brahma is saying the truth , Lord Vishnu told that the Pillar does not have any end so how could he get to the end. the Pillar was Lord Shiva, he told that Lord Brahma is Lying and he cursed him not to be worshiped  and on the other hand Lord Vishnu will be worshiped in all his Avatars. The Flower of Keyatki was also cursed not to be used in any pooja or holy work. Lord Brahma thanked Shiva for crushing his Ego.

Shiva Brahma and Vishnu