Q5. Who was the second wife of Pandu?

A.  Gandhari   B.  Madri   C. Draupadi   D. Sumitra

Q6. What was relation between Arjun and Krishna?

A. Brothers   B. Teacher    C. Friend   D.  Uncle

Q7. Kunti was sister of  ……. ?

A. Krishna    B. Vasudev   C. Balraam    D. Rukmani

Q8. How many sons Do Kunti Have ?

A. 3        B. 4          C.5          D. 6

Q9. Arjun was Summoned son of which God?

A. Vayu (wind)    B Surya (Sun)    C. Agani (fire)  D. Indra (rain)

Q10.  Who cursed Pandu?

A. Durvasa     B. Kindama   C. Bheeshma   D. Gandhari


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