Bhadra Kaali

When Sati sacrificed her body for the respect of her Husband Lord

Shiva . Lord Shiva opened his Third eye ,and he plucked his jattas(bunch of hair) twice and from them Arrive Bhadr Kali and Veerbhadar. Shiva ordered them to take revenge of his Wife.

They defeated, Daksha’s whole Army. Daksha also asked Lord Vishnu to sent his army in his support but each and every such step could not stand for a minute in front of Veerbhadar and Bhadrkali. Daksha himself tried to stop them with his powers. Daksha understood than he could not stand in front of the powers of Shiva . He ran towards his palace yelling for his life , he reached the place of Yagya . Veerbhadar  followed him , Daksha apologized for his mistake and he Cried the Mantra of Shiva in his last breadth “OM NAMHA SHIVAY”,   Veerbhadar removed off  Daksha’s head from his body. The head fell into the the fire of yugya.

Rudra Shiva

Shiva was Still burning into Anger , all devtas requested Shiva to Cool down for the sake of Sati and he must go and bring the body Sati . Shiva went to Daksha’s Yugya’s place and broke into tears. On the request of all the Devtas (gods) Shiva Forgives Daksha, and gave him a new life with the head of a goat.

Bhadra Kaali and Veerbhadar

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