Relating Higgs Bosson with God

In this 21st century a group of  well known Scientists working under the guidance of Sir Peter Higgs, has claimed that they have discovered the Godly Particles.

What is Higgs Bosson?

Sir Satyendra Nath Bose

Higgs Bosson is the the particle with no mass, no colour, no weight  and no shape.

The name Higgs Bosson is given after two great Scientists Sir Peter Higgs and Sir Satinder Nath Boss.

Sir Peter Higgs

the Godly particle was the beginning

Relating Higgs Bosson with God

We often have heard that god is present in every particle ” kan kan me bhagvaan h“. Scientist has claimed that Higgs Bosson is pesent in each and every particle.

Both God and Higgs Bosson do not have any colour , shape , mass or weight.

Higgs Bosson is the living Particle and was present in the universe when there was no other thing , it was the very beginning of the Universe so was God according to Mythology.

Higgs Bosson is a source of energy , such a huge energy whoes limits can not be described, which can produce electricity for many cities without any power cut.

the godly particle

workshop at Genneva


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