Mahabharat is  the largest epic of the Indian mythology . the story of Mahabhat is the story of truth which empowers itself like a raising sun and removed the darkness after a long and dark Night of injustice.

The story begins at the Rajdarbaar (court) of Hastinapur , King Bharat returns to his court and every body around was praising him and rejoicing his Victories which made them proud of their King.

King Bharat was the son of Dushyant and Shakuntala, he was the one who spread the kingdom from himalya till the ocean , The country was named BHARAT after him. He was the one who announced in his court that life is not about living it , life is to fulfill ones duties. King has 3 duties i.e to protect his kingdom, to give justice and to give his throne to a right and just person.

King Bharat

The minister asked the king to declare the crowned Prince of his Territory . King went to see Maha Rishi Kark to seek his advice on making any of his 9 sons Yuvraaj ( the prince who will be the next King). After a few days king declared that none of his son is capable of becoming a good and just king . Shakuntala asked him for a reason, in private and Bharat told her that he has a vast family i.e his (mob) Praja and all them are his sons as well as duty . It was the day when the first seed of the epic Mahabharat was sown on mud of Kurukshetra. one of his Successor was King Shantnu in whoes period the 3 principles lost their meaning.