Rakhi is an indian Festival .. clebrating the love of brother and sister . According to Indian calender Rakhi aur raksha bandhan comes every year on poornima (full moon) of Shravan. This is also Balram Jayanti , Balram was elder brother of Krishna.
Rakhi is a thread which is tied by a sister on the hand of  her brother. Indians celebrate it with great love . brothers in return give gifts to sisters.

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Mythological story: Draupadi , the wife of Pandava’s once torn a strip for her Silk sari when she saw Krishna wrist bleeding from a wound .  Krishna was so touched by her action of concern and declared her as his sister.

Draupadi Cheer haran was one of the root cause behind the war of Mahabharata. The pandavas lost Draupadi in a Gamble to the Kaurvas.  Duryodhana the eldest Kaurva, in envy asked his brother  Dushashan to bring Draupadi in the court and insult her in front of every one. Draupadi begged for help from every one present in the court to protect her dignity, no one came to protect her , but Krishna does. when Dushashan stated pulling Draupadi’s sari then Krishna payed his debt by protecting her , the sari tied to Krishna’s wrist by Draupadi turned into yards and yards. Dushashan was pulling from one side and sari from Krishna’s wrist was wrapping her from the other and no one .


Rakhi is a silk thread or cotton thread it can also be decorated with moti, shell , rudraksh , or beads .