There are nine Mounts of Shani Deva and they are:

1. Horse

2. Elephant

3. Donkey

4. Lion

5. Dog

6. jackal

7. Crow

8. Deer

9. Vulture

Some astrologers do consider that Shani deva also rides on a  Peacock, Swan and Ox.

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Astrologers say that Shani Dev choose his rides according to his tasks to be performed i.e either to punish or to reward.

when he rides over an Elephant he brings money along with him , over a horse he brings comfort and wealth to your life, over an ass he brings losses , over a lion he brings kingdom and fame, over a deer he grants death like pains, Over jackal he takes away all the intellect, Over a dog, gives threat of theft and make him a beggar.