Lord Shiva also worshiped as Bhole Nath, the one who shower Boons and forgives.

7th March 2016 is Maha Shivratri coming on Monday , the day devoted to lord Shiva according to Hindu tradition .

let me tell you about easy pooja vidhi you can do yourself


Visit a Shiva temple – Shivalya ( Shiv parivar with Shivling )

shiv parivar

you can either go to a temple or make Clay Shiva linga and Shiv-Parivar at home.

keep in mind first offer water to Lord Ganesha, he first one in every pooja to be worshiped, then Devi Parvati(Gauri), Kartikeya and Nandi. Nandi the bull must face toward shiva and must be kept in North direction.

Things to offer :

1st thing -Water , you can also add little Gangajal in it

2nd raw Cow milk , then again water

3rd curd and then water

4th Ghee and then water

5th Honey and then water

later other pooja samagris

offer Janevu or Roli , these are clothes of Lord in pooja

offer some sent (gadhak, Ittar)

Do Chandan lep (sandalwood)

wet rice

latter offer  -Bhang, Dhatura , Aak (aakamada flower) , Fal or sugar or both , janti , panchamrit, lotus flower


most Importantly Belva patra. keep on chanting beej mantra OM NAMHA: SHIVAYA with each Belva Patra, it must be offered upside down on Shivling. you can offer 7 or 108 belpatras.

Lord Shiva is also Known as Rudra (literally means anger), all offerings are to cool him down , water , milk , Chandan and Belva patra.

If you can do Rudra abhishek is also good for fruit full results , can observe fast for this auspicious day. Shiv ratri Jagran is very important for chetna jagran and chanting Beej mantra Om Namha Shivaya:

Har Har Mahadev (raise both hands while chanting it)

shiva symbolises
Shiva Symbolises